NO END LABORATORIES S.R.L, hereinafter referred to as ERNESI, having e-mail: declares the following:

Personal data is information about a natural person that can be identified, directly or indirectly. ERNESI processes the following data: Name, surname,correspondence address, e-mail, phone (landline, mobile, fax), in order to place the order on the site and deliver it to the address given by the user.

This Security Policy establishes technical and organizational measures implemented by ERNESI, in order to fulfill the obligations regarding the confidentiality and security of the data processing performed within its activity. Minimum security requirements are considered a complex of technical, IT, organizational, logistical measures, procedures that ensure a minimum level of security of data processing, according to Article 20 of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and their free movement ("Law no. 677/2001") and in accordance with the minimum security requirements for the processing of personal data, approved by Order no. 52/2002 issued by the People's Advocate ("Order no. 52/2002").

What does it mean that ERNESI processes this personal data? Processing means operations such as: collection, registration, storage, use, deletion of personal data, etc. This data is used STRICTLY to send a product following a firm order made on the site by a user who has agreed to leave personal data to facilitate the order. Where does ERNESI obtain this personal data from? The data obtained are directly from the client, with his firm consent. (When an order is registered on the site, the customer must identify himself with some general data to facilitate the order and agrees to use this data for the purpose of invoicing and delivery of the order).

For what purpose does ERNESI process personal data? The purpose for which ERNESI processes personal data is to be able to register an order on the site, to issue the invoice for the ordered products and to send the desired product to the customer. This requires the identification data and the address to which the product is to arrive. ERNESI can also send newsletters to customers who have given their consent to receive advertising or information messages on e-mail boxes. Customers who no longer want to receive messages can easily unsubscribe with a click. Personal data are obtained with the consent of customers who want to place orders on the site, to buy products from the online store

Is it mandatory for the customer to transmit data? Without data that facilitates the order on the site, this cannot be done.

Where does this personal data remain and for how long? The data are collected at ERNESI and can be sent to courier companies in order to deliver the order and to the banking institutions in order to make payments. The data remain with ERNESI as long as there is a contractual relationship or regular orders are made, but on request they can be deleted.


We recommend parents to take an active role in overseeing the online activity of children under the age of 16. ERNESI does not intend to collect personal data from children and / or, in general, does not intend to communicate with children. If we need to communicate with a child, we will make every effort to give parents or legal guardians the opportunity to give their consent before using the child's personal data, unless we only answer questions or of requests made by a child.


  • The right to information - the right to receive detailed information on the processing activities performed by ERNESI;
  • The right to rectification - in case of a notification, the data can be updated so that they reflect reality and do not cause any harm;
  • The right to delete data - upon request or if you no longer want to collaborate with ERNESI and no more orders are made, the data can be deleted;
  • The right to restrict data processing - if there are suspicions that personal data is used for purposes other than those stated;
  • The right to portability - upon request, all the data held about him in a technically compatible universal format can be made available to the data subject;
  • The right to object and to oppose - if personal data are used for commercial purposes or purposes other than those mentioned.

Questions and feedback. Please send us your questions and comments about privacy to You can always access your personal data and request their rectification and / or deletion if the data is incorrect or irrelevant for the purposes mentioned. In this sense you can contact us providing us your name and address, or the e-mail address registered with us.

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